Campbell Family Reunion 1997 (Click to enlarge)
Campbell Family Reunion 1997 (Click to enlarge)
Dear Family Members,
You are invited you to join us in Nashville Tennessee, July 20th thru July 23rd to celebrate over 20 years for the Campbell Family Reunion.  This year’s theme is “Stay Strong, Stay Connected”.  We are planning another great reunion filled with great food, entertainment and kinship. 

Come and meet new cousins, new friends and long lost relatives. See the family’s tree that stretches over 25 feet long.  Trace your family’s history along the wall and read its history.  Come to Nashville to hear everyone enjoying new and old memories, holding new babies, meeting new husbands, new wives and partners. Help us to honor and remember our family elders and forbearers. Bring your family photos, new family member’s names and help us update the family tree.

Celebrate our family’s deep and rich history and discover what is common in all us. Our goal is to make our family network strong and last for generations.  Come stand with us in the family circle hand in hand and share the warmth and power of the Campbell Family.

Family is….
A tree beginning with a small seed that slowly sprouts from the ground.
A woven fabric that forms the strongest and most diverse thread.
People young and old, big and small, many shades, many beliefs, many levels of intelligence and tolerance. 
Blood binds them together but they don’t get to choose their members.
They continue to come together and love one another. That is what keeps them strong and keeps them connected.
See you in Nashville!

Chuck Taylor
Chairman, 2017 Campbell Family Reunion
Charles Cornelius Taylor, Jr., Son of Delma Taylor-Taylor, Grandson of Ultimo Campbell Taylor ( or 901-210-8926)

Co-Chair, Clyte Taylor-Harbour, Daughter of Delma Taylor-Taylor, Granddaughter of Ultimo Campbell Taylor ( or 601-946-2143)

Co-Chair Pearl Walker, Daughter of Maude Taylor-Walker, Granddaughter of Ultimo Campbell Taylor ( or 901-289-6909)

Dates: July 20 - 23, 2017
Hotel: Courtyard Nashville Airport
Cost: $125 adults - $75 children (includes all events and T-Shirts)
T-Shirts for toddlers are $10

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